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Our Advanced Features
Make Hands On Work Easy

Tablet-Based Inspections

ParkZapp is available on Android and iOS to provide convenient and quick inspections on-site.

Digitize Reports

Digital data is conveniently stored to replace the consumption of paper usage.

Snap or Record

Attach pictures or videos of concerns that seem non - compliant or hazardous.

Conduct Audits

Asset management and hazard assessment checks can be conducted in real time.

Create Work Orders

In case of non compliance we can instantly create work orders.


For A Better Future...
With Fewer Injuries!

Parks are spaces that provide a sense of community and combine natural and manmade amenities in an integral space. Our focus is to strive towards efficient and effective inspection procedures in order to provide a future where all playgrounds ensure an injury-free experience.

Join us and our movement to help preserve the lush greens of our earth and make your parks safer. We believe every community should prosper around safe and enjoyable parks every day! With ParkZapp, say goodbye to papers and pencils and hello to our digital platform for field and office task inspections.Your tablet can help make your community safe.

About Us

ParkZapp For Parks And Playground Safety Inspections

ParkZapp application is integrated with CPSC, CSA & ASTM standards and provides a user-friendly experience for all park inspections.

Playground Inspection

Inspections can be carried out by a certified playground inspector to identify hazards on public playground equipment and the playgrounds.

Building Inspection

Can be conducted to make sure that buildings are safe and comply with building and housing codes. In case of any deviations work orders can be created instantly to rectify the same.

Sports Field Inspection

Inspecting all facilities and fields used by the public to keep them safe.

Ice Arena Safety Inspection

Inspectors check the indoor ice arenas to provide a safe environment for many recreational activities.

Fire Inspection

Potential fire safety hazards can be assessed and through regular inspections hazardous situations can be avoieded.

Parking Lot / Sidewalk Inspection

Regularly inspect sidewalks and other walkways to help ensure that problems are discovered, documented, and repaired.

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