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Parks are crucial community spaces that integrate natural and manmade wonders, fostering a harmonious environment that enriches our lives. We firmly believe that every community deserves to thrive around safe and joyful parks. Our mission is to shape a future where all playgrounds are injury-free, allowing children to explore, learn, and play without fear.

Join us and our movement to safeguard the vibrant greenery of our planet and enhance the safety of your parks. ParkZapp is here to revolutionize the way you conduct task inspections, leveraging cutting-edge technology and innovative approaches and eliminating the need for traditional paper and pencil methods. Our digital platform, accessible through your tablet, will make your community a safer place.

About Us

Not Just For Parks And Playground Safety Inspections

ParkZapp is integrated with the safety guidelines of CPSC, CSA, and ASTM standards and offers a user-friendly interface that streamlines the inspection process.

Playground Inspection

To ensure children's safety, playground equipment must be routinely inspected and well-maintained. Certified playground inspectors utilizing ParkZapp can effectively identify potential risks, proactively prevent accidents, and safeguard children from harm.

Building Inspection

Inspections serve a vital purpose in safeguarding the welfare of occupants and preserving the structural integrity of buildings. ParkZapp assists by identifying potential risks and violations of building codes and helps create work orders to rectify them quickly.

Sports Field Inspection

Sports field inspections ensure safety and playability. They identify hazards and maintenance needs to extend the field's life and reduce costly repairs. ParkZapp helps sports organizations conduct thorough inspections for a safe and enjoyable environment.

Ice Arena Safety Inspection

Regular ice arena safety inspections are critical for guaranteeing a safe arena where visitors can enjoy themselves. Inspections help spot safety hazards and maintenance needs early. ParkZapp helps ice arena operators maintain frequent, comprehensive inspections.

Fire Inspection

The importance of commercial fire inspections cannot be overstated when it comes to ensuring safety. Inspections identify potential fire hazards and guarantee compliance. ParkZapp provides fire inspectors with a valuable tool to safeguard your building from the dangers of fire.

Parking Lot / Sidewalk Inspection

Regular parking lot and sidewalk inspections can help to identify and repair any potential hazards, ensuring the safety of pedestrians and drivers. ParkZapp helps property owners to create a safe and accessible environment for everyone by assisting with regular inspections.

Our Advanced Features
Make Hands On Work Easy

Tablet-Based Inspections

ParkZapp is a convenient and efficient on-site inspection app designed for Android and iOS devices.

Digitize Reports

With ParkZapp, you can conveniently store and access digital reports, leading to a significant reduction in paper consumption.

Snap or Record

Effortlessly capture and attach photos or videos to work orders, documenting any safety concerns or non-compliant issues you encounter.

Conduct Audits

Asset management and hazard assessment checks can be conducted in ParkZapp in real-time, facilitating prompt solutions.

Create Work Orders

In case of non-compliance ParkZapp can generate work orders immediately, ensuring prompt attention and resolution.

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