About Us


Our mission is to preserve the lush greens of our earth and make your parks safer.

Parks are a space that provides a sense of community and combine natural and manmade amenities in an integral space. Our focus is to strive toward efficient and effective inspection procedures in order to provide a future where all playgrounds ensure an injury-free experience.

Our application creates a consistent time saver as well as convenience in allowing maintenance work to be assigned while the job is still fresh in your mind. Our straightforward and intuitive application ensures easy audit use for our all-in-one inspection tool.

Our digital platform helps us reduce our carbon footprint by decreasing the use of paper and pencils in the field and in the office. Doors of opportunities have been opened with the development of mobile technology that has helped our digital platform become a little greener. Join us and our movement to help preserve the lush greens of our earth and make your parks safer. We believe every community should prosper around safe and enjoyable parks every day!

With ParkZapp, say goodbye to papers and pencils and hello to our digital platform for field and office task inspections. All you need is a tablet to swipe and tap your community toward a secure future.

Why People Choose us ?

ParkZapp takes the difficulty out of the playground inspection process and addresses all needs that should be met.


  • Replace traditional paper checklists with digital audits and inspections.
  • Helps to ensure everyone has the same up-to-date checklist.
  • Complete Audits and inspections on your digital iOS or Android Device.
  • Generate standardized assessments to quickly and accurately complete inspections.
  • Attach pictures or videos of concerns that seem non-compliance or hazardous.
  • Real-time inspection status captured with geo-locations on integrated maps.
  • Instant access is granted to updated manuals for agencies that follow ASTM standards and/or CPSC guidelines .


  • Automate playground compliance
  • Integrated maintenance alert tools help manage possible non-compliance issues.
  • Stay informed with compliance standards from the touch of a button.
  • Print a detailed audit and inspection report whether online or offline.
  • Our user-friendly dashboard allows us to control administrative roles and permissions.
  • Can vary from a single user to an enterprise.


  • Our interactive platform allows communities and companies to stay collaborative in park and playground safety.
  • Preventative measures before injuries occur include utilizing ParkZapp's photo and video recording feature.
  • Non-compliance issues or hazards can be directly communicated with equipment manufactures.
  • Parkgoers and playground users are allowed to connect directly to park administration for maintenance issues that are noticed.
  • Park event notifications can be published to the community.